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Fixing scroll wheel click on Razer Ouroboros

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2021-04-02: Clicking on the scroll wheel stopped working quite recently

I've been using a Razer Ouroboros for about five or six years now. So far it's been quite a reliable gadget and I have enjoyed using it. A major advantage for me has always been, that you could configure its side panels and thereby also make it work for left-handed people.

Unfortunately, though, the scroll wheel stopped working a while back. Fixing it was the only option as the warranty had expired years ago.

Overview of the Ouroboros' interior
Overview of the Ouroboros' interior

To fix the scroll wheel, we first have to open the Ouroboros and remove all its parts and various panels. There are numerous tutorials online giving clear explanations on how to do so.

After getting into the interior, we first have to unscrew #2 on the picture. After carefully pulling out the board from the wheel itself, we should be able to move the scroll wheel a bit. This allows us to lift it a bit at #1 and make sure nothing sits in between the contacts.


Right thereafter, we can unscrew #3 and lift the bottom board a bit to remove the scroll wheel completely.

Unmounted scroll wheel
Unmounted scroll wheel

Finally, I also had to clean the interior of the scroll wheel. I assume that dirt inside the scroll wheel somehow stops #4 from properly doing its work.

Anyways, after reassembling the mouse everything worked again as usual.

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